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The Roots Of Kinetic Applications

Kinetic Applications was born from a passion in creating online design and development and as the demand for online sales and mobile devices grew, so did the diverse skill group of Kinetic Applications. We like to stay ahead of all the latest in technological advances and understand the importance of online SEO.

Our diverse group of experience and well educated individuals provide a unique service of web development, application development, graphic design and marketing. Our family at Kinetic Applications is growing and this extended family provide the motivation and work ethic to deliver excellent customer service. This drive is built from a shared commitment to each other and we know that together we are stronger and we translate that ethos to our clients.


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Kinetic Applications
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What's your USP?

We use patent pending web technology to build bespoke websites unique to our clients and a perfect fit for the target audience. We understand that you can’t always rely on template systems if you want to stand out or succeed online.

Over 90% of our contracted work is firmly set in the bespoke market. We work with you to give you everything you need to bring the success you want online.

Current work


The wonderful world of Ecommerce

We have been assisting companies large and small online for over 12 years. In Jan 2016 we started rolling out our new custom built ecommerce system to suitable clients.

Our solution challenges alternative website solutions by eliminating the usual issues faced by shopping websites, it includes modern security features, advanced tracking, reporting and runs at the speed of light (almost).

Clients benefiting from this solution already include a few recognisable names. Will you be the next?

Current Project Showcase


Everyone Starts Somewhere...

A great choice for startups, we can build the website you want at an affordable price, starting from around £2000. We will work with you and tailor a website that’s clean, reliable and secure.

Its about building/delivering a website that you can feel confident in.

We don't hide charges or hit customers with additional extras to increase the base cost. Our sites are all responsive (mobile ready).

Get ready for google and the new customers you want!

Included Core Features

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2016 App Sales Will Double Sales From 2015!

It's common knowledge that the use of mobile devices for both gaming and lifestyle usage has increased massively over the past three years.

Did you know that last year mobile use overtook desktop device usage for internet browsing and social media?

If you require a company app developing for Android, IOS (Apple) or more than likely both, contact our team. App development starts between 3-5k however we feel this is a fantastic investment.

Are you missing out?

Top 5 App Types in 2015

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IOS & Andoid Game Development = Revenue

Do you have a fantastic idea for a mobile game? Have to considered a game to promote a product or service?

We love designing and developing gaming apps. To us it's two fold, the fun in creating a game followed by the potential revenue it can bring our clients.

We could not believe just how much some of the top games were grossing on a daily basis in Dec 2015.

Simple or complex, it has be worth a try right?

'DAILY' Revenue From 2015's Top 5 App Games

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Warp Speed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You have the website you always wanted, you´re proud of it, but do people know about it? Let us help you get the word out, Warp Speed your Google ranking and help drive traffic to your website. Simply put, we´ll help you tell planet earth about your business.

Have a look at what our SEO clients say about us and decide for yourself if you want a taste of their online SEO success.

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Your Flightplan

We have a flight path that all our new clients follow. And it works!

The process will include a knowledge of your business goals, your preferred client audience and we will help you to choose the best form of digital communication to achieve your goals. This is a tailored approach to SEO personalised around your specific business and industry.

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Printing that´s out of this world!

We supply print for all types of businesses from large organisations to local manufacturers and small independent businesses nationwide.

Your print will look and feel great. Our space monkeys will walk you through step by step keeping it simple and quick and if you´re new to print we can even help with the artwork. So you can see exactly how it will look before going to print.

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Contact the print station monthly.

Ordering your print can often be a last minute job. We offer a monthly service so your business never runs out of office essentials like letter heads and compliment slips. This monthly top up can also be adjusted at any time to include other printing materials like business cards and exhibition material.

In short our printing services are out of this world and never fail to impress even the most earthling perfectionist.

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Beyond...

We help you embrace social media as a powerful advertising tool for your products and brand. Don’t worry if your business hasn’t ventured into social media land yet, we will help you choose the best platforms and show you how best to use them.

You may love it or hate it, but there’s no denying social media is important. Its where conversations happen and brand exposure helps you build a customer base, increase brand awareness and help drive customers to your website.

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Pay per click is web based advertising

We assist many of our clients in creating a pay per click campaign including the translation of their results. This ensures that they maximise the potential of this type of marketing and can adjust their campaigns according to the market demand.

The added benefit that pay per click has over more conventional advertising is that you can choose the category, the time of day and the demographic area you want your advert to appear. The system will then calculate the amount you pay every time a user clicks on your advert. This selective advertising is a more filtered approach than conventional advertising.

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Foro Online
Leading family merchandise enterprise


Gleeson Homes
New home builder in the North of England


The National Ambulance Service, First Aid Training


Yorkshire Ambulance Services
Yorkshire Ambulance Service providing first aid and other training services

Pet Vet

The Pet Vet
Domestic Veterinary

Primal Print

Primal Print
Provide print for all types of businesses

Skydive Spain

Skydive Spain
Expert skydiving school based in Spain

Negligence Claims

Negligence Claims
Leading Negligence claims solicitor based in Manchester

Whiteroom Bridal

Whiteroom Bridal
An award winning bridal company based in the north of England

Open Water Dredging

Open Water Dredging
Provide a total dredging solution

Kitty Cat Climber

Kitty Cat Climber
Gaming Application for mobile